Drafting a Will in Spain

The topic of Inheritance in Spain is a fairly complex and technical one. If you are non-resident owning property in Spain, it is almost essential to make a will in Spain to dispose of your spanish estate.

It will avoid adding unnecessary stress and expense to your heirs at a time of grief by not having drawn up a spanish will. That is why, it is highly advisable if you own a property in Spain, to make a spanish will, which will be complementary to your national will. By planning ahead you will be saving your loved ones: time, money and hassle.

Reasons to make a Will in Spain:

  1. Economic: The succession proceedings will be more economic for your heirs, as they will avoid having to apply for any documents in your country of origin.
  2. Saving Time: if you have not draft a will in Spain, it will take longer to get all the neccessary documentation. As well as if you have not drafted a will in your home country, the intestacy procedure in Spain will take several months.
  3. Simplyfing procedures: making it easier for your loved ones, with easier procedures which make everything simpler and less stressing for them.

Inheritance in Spain is subject to Inheritance Tax, as tax regulations differ from one región to another, in Andalucia there are a number of benefits and exemptions for a resident who passes away in Andalucia, provided certain requirements are met.

Therefore,  foreigners should make two wills; one in their country of origin ruling on their national assets and a second Spanish will drafted in Spain which will rule only on their Spanish estate. 

 We will assess your personal and family circumstances  in order to draft a Will that suits your interests, minimising at the same time the tax implications for your loved ones.

 For Inheritance related matters contact us: 951 082 338 or email: info@lawyersabogados.es

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