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If you are moving to Spain or you are buying a property in this country, you might be wondering which are the essential things you need to have, besides finding the perfect place to live.

Probably you have been doing your online research and most websites regarding issues such as living and moving to Spain, mentioned the NIE Number. Sometimes too much information can be overwhelming.

To put it simple. If you plan to stay in Spain longer than three months, you need to apply for a NIE Number. You will struggle to function if you do not have a NIE number, as you will need one to buy a car, to insure it, to set up utility bills, etc. You will use the NIE on a daily basis.

Now that many of us are used to get most products and services through the internet, you might be wondering if you can also apply for the NIE number online? Although the Spanish government does not offer that option as the identity of the applicant needs to be checked and it is an application which needs to be done in person, a recent change in the application process, allows the applicant to apply by means of a representative, such as through an immigration lawyer. Therefore, by granting a Power of attorney to the lawyer, he/she will be applying for the NIE on your behalf.

We have a service called NIE Online. You just need to fill in our contact form, once we receive your details, we will contact you on the same day, and a draft of your power of attorney will be sent to you by email. You can go to a notary near your area and have the Power of Attorney notarized and legalized, after which you can send it to us by post.

Within 10 days you will receive in your address the original NIE certificate.

On the same day we get your NIE certificate, a scanned copy will be send to you by email. That same day the NIE certificate is sent to you by post to your home address.

Our fees are:

Each NIE Number Applicant, 150€
* Postage fee is included

Fill in the contact form and get your NIE in 10 days!!!

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