What is a NIE?

A NIE is the spanish tax identification number assigned by the authorities to any foreigner who may be considering taking certain actions in Spain, such as:

- Buying a car in Spain
- Buying a property in Spain
- Applying to become a Spanish resident
- Signing a document before a Spanish notary
- Starting a business in Spain or become Director of a Spanish company
- To apply for a business permit
- Studing in a Spanish university course
- Opening a bank account
- The setting up of utility connections for electricity, gas and telephone
- To make asset purchases over €3,000
- To inherit Spanish assets
- To apply for a Spanish driving licence
- To deal with Spanish tax authorities
- To register Spanish property with the land registry
-  In fact there are many other occasions when it may be requested; for instance: if you need a permit for fishing from the local authority, and so on.

Once you have your NIE document, then it is advisable to file the original in a safe place and make numerous photocopies for the authorities.

To apply for the NIE you need to prove that you are legaly staying in the country which is not a problem if you are an EU citizen, however  Non-EU nationals can only apply for NIE in Spain if they prove their presence in the country is legal, either by producing their visa or other authorisation validating their stay.

Applying for the NIE

Even though the regulation states that applications must be done  in person at the Oficina de Extranjeros (Foreigners' Department) at your nearest Policía Nacional (National Police Headquarters). It is possible to represent you in the NIE application process by granting us a power of attorney for such specific procedure, thus avoiding the hassle and exhausting queues.

We represent clients in the  NIE Application Process, call 951 082 338 or email us for more information: info@lawyersabogados.es

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