When the law turns unjust and harmful to the citizens

Homeowners outside the village of Yunquera after waiting 10 years and spending €90,000 trying to get electricity in their properties have now been denied permission by the Town hall stating there has been a change in law which came into place in 2012. Just when they were at the final stage of the process. 

This new law rules that electricity will only be provided in the rural areas to animal sheds and not for residency homes, even though the town hall granted permission for the project back in 2005. Not even Endesa, the electric company was aware of this new regulation, thus turning this matter into a nightmare.

 Because of the complexity of the Administrative laws in Spain, it is always advisable to consult a lawyer who will know about administrative law and will guide you through the strategy to follow in these unfair cases. Do not become the victim, with a proper legal advice you can revert the situation.

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