Car Accidents

After a car accident a criminal investigation takes place to determine the criminal responsibility, the same proceeding will also determine the person´s  liability, thus establishing the compensation the victim will receive for the injuries and damages caused to their person and property as a consequence of the accident. 

The insurance company of the guilty vehicle is the one obliged to compensate the injured party. The law states that all vehicles must be covered by civil liability insurance.

What should I do if I have been the victim of a traffic accident?

First,  you should file a police report and follow the exercise of private prosecution to achieve compensation.

The amount of compensation is fixed in the scale of assessment of damages in road accidents which is updated annually.

Our law firm will help you in the procedures to be followed after the traffic accident  and represent you to obtain the máximum compensation applicable to the injuries and damages you have suffered.

Passenger in a car accident

Passengers of a vehicle that has been involved in a road accident are always entitled to compensation.  It must be compensated either by  the insurance of the vehicle which caused the accident or by the  vehicle´s insurance company  where he was a passenger. This will vary depending on who is at fault. 

Pedestrians in traffic accident

Either pedestrian or cyclist, if you have been run over by a vehicle you are always entitled to compensation. The insurance company of the vehicle that caused the accident has to bear all costs for health care and compensation. If it was a hit and run the responsable to indemnify the victim will be the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros. 

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