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Cruise Ship Injury Attorneys

Have you been injured, fallen ill, or been assaulted on a cruise ship?

If the answer is yes, you need skilled and experienced legal advice. Because Cruise Line´s legal time frames, forum selection clauses and disclaimers are meant to make it harder for you to claim any personal injury or wrongfull death.

It´s a fact that people can get hurt or attacked, fall ill or even die whilst on holiday, and terrible things can happen to passengers while on a cruise ship. Sometimes, a person simply dissapears.

We can advise and represent you if you or a loved one has been through any of the following on a passenger cruise:

-       Slip and Fall Accidents (tripping)

-       Swimming pool accidents

-       Collision at sea or in port, or defective equipment incident

-       Injuries or Accidents in ports on call or at Cruise Line Approved Shore-Side          


-       Cruise´s Doctors Medical Malpractice and Negligence

-       Cruise Ship felonies

-       Cruise Ship Disappearances

-       Cruise Ship Food Poisoning & Viruses (negligent exposure to comunicable disease)

-       Wrongfull Death, accidental Death, or missing person cases.

In general, cruise lines specify a limited time and particular place for the victim to file a civil lawsuit for personal injury, negligence, or wrongful death compensation. No matter where you took your cruise,  cruise lines require you to file the suit in the jurisdiction of their choice. Let us evaluate and assess your cruise contract in order to establish when and where to the cruise operator can be sued.

Cruise operators have the duty of reasonable care under the circumstances to avoid accidents, injuries, and crimes. To obtain a full compensation, you need maritime lawyers who are experienced with the claims and defenses which are often raised during cruise line litigations, as complex jurisdictional and choice of law questions can arise in such cases under maritime law. 

In some cases affecting foreign cruise lines, we can apply international law and treaties to obtain a more complete compensation.

We can also represent crew members like officers, deckhands, engineers, stewards, restaurant and bar staff, and entertainers who are injured or disabled while working aboard a cruise ship.

Call or contact our law firm and get a free consultation from a maritime law attorney.

Types of Cruise Accidents

Amongst the most common cruise accidents we can find:

 Slip and Fall Accidents

These kind of incidents may be caused by a variety of situations such as:

-       Objects out of place or uneven surfaces

-       Debris and garbage that cruise staff have not disposed of properly

-       Slippery floors and wet-decks

-       Accidents with automated doors

-       Faulty manouvering by the cruise´s captain

Cruise companies bear the responsibility to have their ships in proper safe conditions for the enjoyment of their passengers onboard. By Law they are bound to provide a safe environment where their passengers are permitted to enjoy their holiday without having to worry about an accident happening to them. Unfortunately, that´s not always the case. Occasionally, cruise companies fail to comply with the necessary safeguards that are imposed on them to limit any risky situations that can lead to people getting hurt on their ships.

Water Slide and Swimming Pool Accidents in a Cruise

Cruise lines have the legal obligation to ensure their passengerñs safety when hey are involverd in water-related activities in ora round their swimming pools and water-slides. Thus, the cruise line must create an environment of safety which limits risky situations that may result in accidents and injuries to their passengers.

Even if the cruise line cannot fully eradicate a risky situation, it still has the legal duty of minimizing these potential risk-scenarios and to alert its passengers in order to avoid a tragedy or maritime mischance. Placing wet-floor signs and other types of potential-danger indicators, are some of the reasonable preventive measures that cruise management should take in an attempt to limit their passenger´s exposure to dangerous situations. The cruise line must make passengers aware of the hazards they might meet so passengers can take the necessary meassures to avoid an injury.

Cruise Shore-Side Excursions Accidents

Some shore excursions and other activities outside of the cruise premises, are sponsored by the cruise line owner of the cruise ship the passengers are travelling on. These activities can have an exceedingly-risky nature such as:

-       Tours and visitis to the Islands

-       Archaeological Explotarions

-       Parasail, Jet Ski and Scuba Diving activities

-       Shopping and going to restaurants on land

-       Other kinds of excursions and offshore events

Accidents related to these shore-side activities may be governed by Maritime and Admiralty Law as the law do permit certain legal arguments to be made, eventhough once you stepped off the ship you may not be under the cruise line´s jurisdiction anymore.

Crimes on Cruise Ships

Passengers can get injured as a result of a crime on the cruise ship.

Most of these accidents and crimes do not get reported to the proper authorities and recorded as official cruise statistics.

While most holiday-makers consider cruise ships to be one of the safests types of trips in the world, in reality they may possibly be a risky venture where passengers run the risk of falling victims to maritime accidents, or in worst situations, of cruise ship crimes such as sexual assault, mysterious disappearances, and even death.

Cruise Disappearances

According to cruise ship crime statistics there have been 165 disappearances on cruise ships. No one seems to know what happened to these people, whether they suffered an accident at sea  and fell overboard the boat or they were victims od an unprecedented wave of cruise ship crimes.

Actually, cruise lines employ security officers to investigate these mysterious events, however these members of the cruise ship´s staff do not always seal off crime scenes, or arrest and interrogate suspects.

In reality, it is very difficult for a detective to piece together a murder-at-sea case when there´s no body of the victim. Thus the chances of finding a passenger who fell or was deliberately thrown overboard are almost null.

During 2012, a total number of 23 passengers and crew fell or jump overboard of all cruise lines, the same number than in 2011.

Sexual Assaults on Cruise Ships

The most likely risk that a passenger, woman or child, faces during a cruise is rape.

Due to its large size, cruise are essentially floating cities, like any other city, cruise ships have crimes. During the past decade the most probable crime on a cruise ship has been rape. Though, cruise  lines deny that rapes take place frequently.

Just in one cruise line, 273 incidents of sexual assault, harrasment and inapropriate sexual touching were revealed during a court process in Miami.

There are hundreds of incidents of sexual assault and battery each year during cruises. Rapes on board were commited by a broad variety  of cruise staff and sexual assaults took place in various locations on the cruise ship, with the most usual locations being the victim´s cabin, storage room and crew toilet.

Don´t asume the cruise line is your friend. They will protect their employees every time.

Contact our Law firm and discuss your case with a maritimr attorney. We help victims of crime on cruise ships to obtain a monetary compensations. Call for a no-cost legal consultation.

Cruise Ship Ticket Contract Fine-Print

Most people gets on a cruise without realizing how their vacation might turn. The majority of cruise passengers are not aware of their rights and they do not even know that certain specific dispositions included in their cruise-ticket contract may significantly affect the filing of a maritime injury claim against the negligent cruise line and the responsible individuals.

That is why you should always beware of the fine print when buying a ticket for a cruise ship.

These dispositions are conveniently disguised within the fine-print section of the cruise ticket-contract or cruise ticket-voucher. They could also be included in other things such as other documents and papers, and not only  in the ticket that you will use to board the cruise. The fine print may be inserted (but will not necessarily be limited to) their webpage; booking agreements; catalogs and brochures; or  the access to their website which is done by clicking upon a disclaimer, etc.

The two main clauses are: Forum Selection Clauses and Statutes of Limitation.

Forum Selection Clauses

Many cruise lines include fórum selection clauses in their cruise-ticket contracts, in which they limit the filing of a maritime lawsuit to certain jurisdiction, independently of your place of residency, the port that you have sailed from, or where exactly (jurisdiction) the incident took place when the cruise was at sea.

For this reason, if you suffered injuries as a result of a cruise ship accident and you want to file a maritime injury claim against the cruise line, you will have to file it in the selected jurisdiction.

Statutes of Limitations

To make it simple, statutes of limitation consist of the amount of time you have to file a maritime lawsuit, from the moment that your accident happened.

In most cases the victim might only have 1 year from the date of the incident to file a maritime injury claim for compensation against the responsible cruise line, along with any other negligent liable parties.

Several cruise lines also require you to notify them of the incident within a rigorous timeframe from the moment the incident took place.

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